WellWear Elastic Knee Black Stabilizer, Large/Extra Large

WellWear Elastic Knee Black Stabilizer, Large/Extra Large

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  • CONTOURED DESIGN- This elastic knee stabilizing support is designed to comfortably compress and support weak, sore, injured or strained knees without chafing or rubbing against skin.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT- We use premium-quality elastic to ensure that our knee supports don't become scratchy or cramped after multiple uses. We believe the best knee sleeve is one you forget you're wearing!
  • BUILT FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLES- This compression support features breathable material and closed, reinforced bindings to ensure that it retains its supportive qualities for even the most demanding uses. This knee sleeve fits under most clothing, and can be worn while running, jogging, exercising, playing tennis, volleyball, soccer or basketball, training, stretching or working outdoors!
  • VERSATILE & REUSABLE- Elastic knee sleeves are often used for pain, soreness or stiffness as a result of tendonitis, arthritis, sprains, meniscus tear and more. This brace can even be hand-washed for months of use and reuse!
  • LARGE/XL SIZE- Fits left or right knees.