Jovy Pika Slike Watermelon Flavor Lollipop | 1 lb bag with 40 pieces

Jovy Pika Slike Watermelon Flavor Lollipop | 1 lb bag with 40 pieces

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  • BULK PARTY PACK: This Pika Slice sucker pack comes in a 1 pound bag. This bag is great for party favors, holidays, or any occasion you choose. Each of these hard suckers are individually wrapped and put on sticks for maximum convenience and for a slice of authentic Mexican culture. These lollipops will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • ROCK YOUR TASTE BUDS: These suckers are infused with chili powder to mingle with the sweetness of Watermelon. These extreme suckers are great for adults and kids alike. The sweet-spicy taste of this candy con chile is sure to delight people of all ages, whether youre at a party or just for fun. They make a great addition to fiestas!
  • SHAPED IN MOLDS: These Watermelon suckers are formed in molds for their charming watermelon slice shape. These candies make a great addition to a gift bag or box. Each of these candies pack a punch with the chili powder and, combined with their delightful shape, make for some of the best candies the traditions of Mexico have to offer.
  • 40 PIECES PER PACK: Because these bags weigh 1 pounds, they are ideal for hosting large parties. Mixed with an assortment of other candies or treats, these suckers are a great addition to all your party favors and food. Watch as your guests enjoy the sweet and spicy sensation of the sucker as they swirl it through their mouth and over their tongue.
  • GREAT FOR HALLOWEEN: As well as being a giant hit at parties, these suckers also make a great addition to your stash of Halloween candy. These extreme candies are unique and offer a refreshing change to the usual mini candy bars that make up the larger portion of a trick-or-treaters candy haul.