Cazel Sal con Savor 60 G Seasoned Salt 2.12 Oz (Beetroot) Beetroot

Cazel Sal con Savor 60 G Seasoned Salt 2.12 Oz (Beetroot) Beetroot

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  • Bottle with 60 grams of condimented sea salt with Dried Beetroot, and dried chili peppers, which give it an incomparable and delicious flavor. Ideal for marinating meats, flavoring other dishes, or adding to raw fruits or vegetables.
  • Cazel Conservas de Autor is a company dedicated to the development, production, innovation, and commercialization of quality Oaxacan products.
  • OUR PRODUCTS ARE DIFFERENTIATED BY: Quality, Food safety Presentation, Contribution to the local food or gastronomic culture, Recovery of original ingredients or production methods, Territorial identity, Traditional and artisan products, Raw materials or local ingredients, Products free of preservatives and chemical additives.
  • CAZEL CONSERVAS DE AUTOR is a family cooperative of Zapotec origin focused on producing the highest quality artisanal, natural, traditional and representative gourmet foods of the State of Oaxaca following ancestral recipes fused with avant-garde haute cuisine. All the products that we transform are free of preservatives and chemical additives, preserving all their natural properties.
  • For the elaboration of our products we have the most efficient, highly qualified and certified personnel, which guarantees quality, good management and safety in each and every one of our products.